Code Patches and Scripts

This is a repository of items like patches to source code and scripts that I wrote. Over the years I have not kept as much as I should have, so I'm trying to keep more legacy information.

DBMail 2.0.x Patches

DBMail v2.0.9-0.7 Folders Patch
This patch allows you to use the standard user+folder@domain.tld extension.
DBMail v2.0.9-0.7 Domains Patch
This patch allows you to use multiple domains in DBMail. It defines a table called dbmail_domains which you define an IP Address to domain name mapping. When a user connects via POP or IMAP they only need to user their username and not a fully qualified name and domain. This patch assumes you store all your usernames fully qualified.
DBMail v2.0.9-1.1 GRU.Net Patch
This patch adds both of folders and domains patch, plus some items specific to GRU.Net. If you are interested in this patch please contact me. The patch also contains a service feature where certain accounts can be prevented from using POP and IMAP. This is so that we can force Free Email accounts to use the web interface which contains ads.
DBMail-Export Script
Script that allow you to export an individual mailbox in mbox format. It's completely mbox compliant. Also this script will allow you to export messages based on date and time. The intention is so that incremental backups of users Email can be achieved.